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Eiffel Tower: 40 fascinating facts - Telegraph
    Jul 14, 2020 · T he Eiffel Tower, one of the most visited attractions in Paris - nay, the world - welcoming almost seven million visitors per year, opened 129 years ago today. Read on for some very fascinating facts

Eiffel Tower - Height, Timeline & Facts - HISTORY
    Jun 06, 2019 · Built for the 1889 World's Fair in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is a 1,000-foot tall wrought iron tower, considered an architectural wonder and one of the world's most recognizable structures.

Did you know? 10 Eiffel Tower facts for kids - Lonely Planet
    Jan 17, 2019 · 10 Eiffel Tower facts. 1. The iconic Eiffel Tower was built for the World Fair in 1889, 100 years after the French Revolution. 2. The ‘metal asparagus’ was the tallest structure in the world for 41 years – it’s still the tallest in Paris. Queues form daily to climb the 1665 steps.

Eiffel Tower Facts: 27 Facts about The Eiffel Tower ...
    Dec 03, 2019 · Designer Gustave Eiffel had a permit for the tower to stand for 20 years after the Exposition. It was to be dismantled in 1909, and in fact, part of the original contest rules for designing the tower was that it should be easy to dismantle.

21 Fun Facts about The Eiffel Tower - Facts
    Dec 11, 2019 · The Eiffel Tower is a large wrought iron structure in the city of Paris, instantly recognisable and an iconic symbol of France. Here’s 21 interesting facts about The Eiffel Tower: The Eiffel Tower is named after Gustave Eiffel, a French civil engineer and entrepreneur, who’s company designed and build the tower.

Eiffel Tower Facts: Fun Facts About the Eiffel Tower ...
    Jun 28, 2018 · 19 Mind-Blowing Eiffel Tower Facts You’ve Never Heard Before Brandon Specktor Updated: Jun. 28, 2018 The 300 artists who protested it, the woman who married it, the man who REALLY designed it ...

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